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Why we love Urvashi Dholakia’s instagram handle

On a crazy Monday morning we landed on the following Instagram handle (thanks to all the good work AI and ML are doing with personalization of posts)

We suggest re-watching on mute, so you are not distracted by the dialogues to appreciate the number of expressions in 1 second. When Urvashi is on the camera, it is difficult to focus elsewhere - there is so much talent that Kshitij may have inherited it. He is just as good in the background. I remember hating Urvashi and even being afraid of her when she played Komolika, but this charming avatar is such a refreshing change.

We wish Urvashi and Kshitij many more followers, the world deserves this entertainment. U r v(ery) ashi.

#indiatiktok #urvashidholakia #kshitijdholakia #covid19 #lockdown #stayhome #staysafe #stayentertained #lol


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