Storm in a tea cup may have needed some more stirring

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

It feels surreal to review something from Film Companion, a company which started out as a team of film reviewers but has snowballed into many great things. Their latest addition is the Sunday showcase which is essentially a new short film every Sunday. They begin the journey with storm in a teacup.

When I hit the play button after reading the description, I felt like I am going to be enamored (being a true FC fan) by the little things that happen in couple fights. The plastic chairs with cushions, instantly bring home the point that this is a middle-class couple. This is also done perhaps strategically, almost for the viewer to register that the ten thousand rupees that come up later are a big deal for this couple.

Where the film stops becoming entertaining is in its dialogues. It is too hard to believe that their conversation is real. The whole exchange about third person perspective seems unnecessary. The fact that the wife takes it to a whole new level by bringing in suspicion also seems forced. In all this, the reactions of the husband are mild, and give away the story a little bit too easily leading to a predictable end. Giving them the benefit of doubt, I may have not related to the story because I don’t expect rational individuals to react in the way this couple did.

The other thing that made me uncomfortable is the styling of the actors.The last movie where this happened to me was “The Sky is Pink”. The hair, the make-up, the jewelry is too perfect to belong to the situation the characters are in.

However, the concept of parallelism of emotions and tea being made is great and works extremely well to build up the excitement. I am still looking forward to the next one.

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