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Remembering Rishi

This may seem made up now, but when I was penning the article for Irrfan yesterday, my inshorts app had buzzed informing that Rishi Kapoor had been admitted to a hospital. I had made a silent prayer to wish him good luck. I had even written a line in Irrfan's post wishing Rishi fights the disease and then erased it. So I write this today with a heavier heart and a greater remorse.

Rishi meant something different to each generation he entertained. My mom and dad believed that they were as naughty as him and Neetu is their earlier songs (‘Khullam Khulla’). They would never miss a Rishi and Neetu movie because they saw their own love on screen – full of innocence and madness. I on the other hand, remember him as a silver lining in some movies, and as a star in most others.

He was the best thing in Student of the year, conveying more with his body language than with his dialogues. His character lit up every frame in Kapoor & Sons. His dialogues from the movie are used in my house till date.

When one of the characters in Kapoor & Sons says, “I wouldn’t sell my memories for crores”, Rishi replies, “You would even eat potty for a crore”

I had recently seen 102 not out and I would recommend it to anyone who hasn’t. The movie has just three main characters but says so much. The commitment Rishi shows towards his father, despite being ill-treated by his own son, becomes an endearing act.

Today we remember him for the times he made us laugh (our favorite scene below), hoping that it helps lift the heaviness we feel in our hearts, just by a little bit - because we know he wouldn't want it any other way.

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