5 things you are missing out on, if you haven't seen relationshit advice

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

No points for guessing that we have binge-watched the series – twice. In our defense, there is very good reason for this. There is so much to take away the comics have such great conversations and so many great puns and reactions.

The last time I read such questions, I had accidentally landed in the ‘Aapki Samasyaein’ section in my mother-in-law’s Sarita magazine.

But really this show is such an awesome creation. We even forgot what the question was by the time the artists reached a conclusion. Who knew agony aunts could be so entertaining? We recommend you watch it ASAP, so you don’t miss the following:

  1. Other meanings of the word “Saddam”: Mikhail has the perfect solution to raising your self-esteem and it involves Saddam. Intuitively, it doesn’t make sense but watch the video and it will make sense in a way you will never forget

  2. Learn that it’s okay if you are not able to make new friends: If Sumukhi can’t make friends with that sense of humor, it is okay for us mortals to struggle. There is a realistic chance we will all die alone

  3. Realize how messed up people’s lives are: First, there are people who still hope to solve their life problems through articles. Secondly, their lives are an utter mess. They are dealing with shit like 'ferrrrrety’ – sorry fidelity issues to self-confidence problems to what not (don’t want to give too much away). We should be so much happier about our lives!

  4. Domestic helps and Guards can be great tools: The possibilities here are endless. The use case presented is leveraging their intellect to know your partner better, but the concept can be extended to family members, neighbors, shopkeepers, even dogs

  5. Two words can make all the difference: You can make yourself feel loved by adding just two words before everything you read i.e. ‘Dear <your name>’. Just two words and you will feel the entire world is dying to talk to you. Imagine what it can do to your loneliness and confidence

Watch the video below. You would have spent your time well.

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