Rashmeet Kaur and DVK's Musafir will calm you down like nothing else...

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Every once in a while, there comes along a singer, whose voice forms a cult. They are popular, but within their avid followers. These avid followers also become spreaders which eventually lead to a blast of followers.

When I discovered Rashmeet (thank you Youtube AI/ML algorithms), I was stunned that I had never heard of her. Her track Buhe Bariyan got me to her channel - no surprises it has 3.3M views and is a wonderful track. But then I landed on Musafir and I was hooked. I couldn't listen to another song for the next hour. This doesn't happen to me very often and that's why I decided to be a spreader for this one. The song has an eerie silence that brings about calm in you. The beatboxing by Divyansh Kacholia will either make you sing to it, or will inspire you to become a beatboxer.

The feelings that good music evokes, can seldom be written in words. Here's hoping this team gets so much more love! Follow them!

#RashmeetKaur #musafirbeatboxing #Kalamkaar #DivyanshKacholia


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