Parenting during quarantine

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Parenting can tempt you to buy a lot of books, because you feel you can learn it from literature. But the moment you think you know it all, your patience will be tested. For instance, right after I finished my tenth book on parenting, my child refused to switch off the television.

After you have had your most patient conversation with your little one, you will see her (in my case) do exactly the opposite of what was suggested. Despite using a nebulizer (for her Asthma) daily, she keeps hiding small bottles of water in the refrigerator. I often wonder, why they do such things. Your mom will laugh over all these tricks now, even though she would have snapped at you over this stuff when you did it. How then do you have a healthy environment of learning and companionship? Here are the reverse tricks that you can play on your child to get them to do great things:

  • Have a plan: Children respond best to a time table or a plan. Monitor when they will be hungry, when they will poop and stuff like that. Trust us, there are times when they are comparatively less cranky and irritable. Have a list of activities which involve moving their hands and minds like carrom, ludo, chess etc. Baking and gardening are also recommended. Safe cooking and painting bring instant gratification

  • Involve them in household chores: Yes! This is an absolutely necessity. They have to do it all their life, so might as well start now. Tell them to make their bed, pick up their dirty clothes, clean up their play area etc.

  • Exercise: Since we are all going through this caged time, it is easy to feel dull and irritable. Yoga and exercise are really helpful. Play a game and ask them to act like a yoga teacher.

  • Do-it-yourself: This is not only a creative outlet, but also teaches children to reuse, reduce and recycle. Take out all your old stuff and give it all a new life

  • Play with your pet: Spending time with pets this quarantine is revitalizing. Most of the children love and enjoy their pets.

Hope you find these tips useful. Happy Parenting!

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