Why Masakali 2.0 feels wrong?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

So Masakali 2.0 is out – or more like outside everyone’s house, getting wet in the rain and nobody wants to take it in. It attempts to make Siddharth Malhotra and Tara Sutaria believe that they are dancing to a great remix, but even they don’t look convinced.

Let’s start with the video. As soon as we see Siddharth Malhotra, we want to ask someone for a pair of scissors to chop his locks (yes just locks) off. Who goes from rain into a Karan Johar bedroom (not that we have seen it, but we believe it would be close to this)? Can’t believe they thought making birds with hands would work anywhere outside a nursery class. It is unbelievable, the way the video has been directed. In today's time, where you can edit everything from looks to sound, one must ask if this is really the best they could come up with? The general population is doing a better job, making such entertaining videos – and this is what you come up with, when you have Siddharth and Tara. It is almost unforgivable.

Personally, we like remixes, if they are made well. They take you down memory lane and add a nostalgic spark to your party. Also, when you have liked the lyrics and music, it feels like (since we are no experts) it may be easier to like the remix. But this presentation is atrocious even with the plethora of audio editing apps. You can’t help but stop this one to go to the original version, to repair the damage (hoping it is reversible)

The original one crafted by the legendary A R Rahman, was such a creative and unique presentation. His disappointment with this track is completely justified, since it takes a lot of hard work to write, edit, sing, compile and release a song.

Here’s hoping that if the music industry does try to create remixes, they do a better job than this.


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