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5 things about Love Aaj Kal that will irritate you!

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Before watching the movie on Netflix today, I was wondering what I could possibly find in this movie that Anupama Chopra and Rajeev Masand have not already told me in their reviews. Yet, I did find a few things that I want to put out there:

  1. Zoe is binary: She feels it is either career or love and complicates everyone’s life miserably. Also, every dialogue in every scene influences her so much that she keeps taking polarizing stances. I think Zoe should meet a management consultant and I have very good reason to believe that. Management consultants are crazy busy, and they have personal lives. They get paid for having a point of view, something Zoe really needs. Also, she can learn a little bit about not stressing each word when giving a presentation. Consultants don’t do that because clients don’t have as much time and because if you stress each word, it becomes overly dramatic for no reason

  2. Raghu’s aim in life: Whose life objective is to make sure that everyone finds their love? I would like to meet such altruistic characters. I so wish that last Zoe-Raghu conversation did not exist in the movie. I did not need Raghu to have an objective for narrating stories.

  3. The sequence with Veer’s Parents: Zoe’s outburst in front of Raghu’s parents, made me angry. Some things you do out of respect no matter how broken you are from within. The fact that Veer does not even retaliate made me livid. Sure, movie characters are flawed and art is meant for us to have these debates, but I felt the pendulum swung too much in one direction with hardly any conviction.

  4. Zoe getting drunk with someone she doesn’t trust: Boy, Girl, Human or Dog, everyone needs to behave responsibly in life. You can’t expect all people to be nice. Drinking is great, but getting crazy drunk with someone you don’t trust is a disaster in any part of the world for anyone.

  5. Random song close to half time: I have no idea what that song meant and its role in the narrative – I resisted the impulse to skip it. But I did have a déjà vu when the actor says “Kyu karu main guilt feel”. You remember the “Kyu dekhu main Ganne ke khet” from Jab we met?

Being fair to the movie, there were some parts that I liked. The Raghu and Leena dance is a sweet little sequence, well imagined and implemented. Also, the fact that Veer understands when it is Zoe’s weak moment brought back logic in the film. Veer understanding what he really wants to do in life other than loving Zoe, though clichéd, was still some relief.

Everything said and done, all movies are hard work and we hope our comments are constructive and don't break anyone's heart!

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