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Good Show Irrfan

Doesn’t today seem a bit unusual, a bit incomplete? My mind keeps going back to the fact that we have lost Irrfan Khan and I am not sure I am ready to process that information. There are some people who you feel you have met, even without meeting them – because when they speak, they speak to your heart, unadulterated. When they smile at you through the camera, you feel their gaze as real as someone in front of you.

Cinema discovered Irrfan late and lost him early. The while that he was here, boy did he make an impact. I was trying to think of his movies that I have loved, and I realized that I only remember some movies because of him. Life of Pi said all that it had to in that last exchange. It feels like he didn’t need to be in the frame to make us feel the way he did, yet when he shows up, its magic. The movie should have been a bit longer for us to hear more life advice from Irrfan (scene below).

I suppose in the end, the whole of life becomes an act of letting go, but what always hurts the most is not taking a moment to say goodbye - Written brilliantly by Yann Martel. Made unforgettable by Irrfan

Piku was the story of someone everyone has known. Irrfan slips into Deepika’s and Amitabh’s life (daughter and dad) as an acquaintance. He goes on the become Deepika’s voice to scold Amitabh, and you don’t feel he is intruding. It must take real thinking to pull this off without sounding rude, yet Irrfan just does it (scene below).

I don’t know if all of us put together will be able to put into words, what he made us feel through his craft. Good show Irrfan - you deserved much much more.

Here’s sharing some of his best work.

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