How to stop binge eating?

I have been a foodie all my life. Food is on my mind, the moment I open my eyes in the morning. The first conversation of the day is what to cook. My life revolves around food to the extent that even the weather dictates my choices of meals, for example rains warrant pakodas with tea. I have never gone to eat at a vegetarian restaurant. Although I love eating, food sometimes (in my case) becomes therapeutic and a way to relieve stress. I have been at a place where I dealt with my challenges through food. It made me fat, dull and lazy. I don’t feel that being fat or plump is in any way unappealing as long as the food we eat nourishes us. Munching away with our stomach full is however pointless. When we do this for a long time, our body becomes deficient of nutrition and vital compounds.

So, I have been there, and would like to share a few ways which worked for me:

  • Be busy: Having a busy and well-planned day, gives us the necessary sense of accomplishment. Like on a crazy morning, it would be difficult to take out time for a bag of chips when you cannot find that shirt, you ironed, but now your dog is sitting on it.

  • Find out what’s troubling you: Being aware of your emotions, helps you in reducing anxiety and improves your mood. Since, you accept that you are angry or sad, it helps to differentiate between hunger and binge eating. No matter how much you eat, food cannot resolve your challenge. So, next time instead of going for cola, go for a pen and write down what you are feeling.

  • Distract yourself: You can go for dancing, singing, reading, playing an instrument or baking. Exercise gives you a high and leaves you with a sense of well-being. My neighbors often complain of loud music and a crazy singer (I put the blame on my daughter), but whatever it takes to stay sane

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