HTB Ep. 2: How to name your blog?

Welcome to Episode 2 of how to start a blog. We hope Episode 1 helped with understanding of the most common and the most important challenges and their resolutions.

Once you find the motivation to start a blog, it starts a decision-making process which seems very daunting. The most daunting for me was deciding the name of the blog. It felt like a make or break moment for everything that was going to happen after the naming ceremony. Taking as much pressure has helped no one.

After fretting over this for a couple of days and reading many SEO ridden articles, I took the practical approach of active thinking. Before I started my blog, I had underrated the power of thinking and decision making. It is easy to do that because this generation has the google curse – we don’t believe we need to think too much to find an answer – we google locations, food places, names of movies, actors, song lyrics and even items we need.

There were three key aspects that went into my naming process:

1. Meaning: I knew this is a ‘have a fun time reading’ and a ‘community building’ kind of a blog. There are some sections which are going to be informative, but it is a carnival of things we enjoy in life. The intent is to make folks smile for the time they spend on the blog. I started writing abstract words like potpourri, magazine, movie reviews, kids and got nowhere to the name, but at least had a clearer vision of what my blog is going to contain. It created a check-list of things my name should cover, when I land on it. Eshara means indication in hindi – so it effectively covers all the topics in the world

Question to ask: What should this blog mean to someone who reads it?

2. Personal: The reason I was starting this blog was to have autonomy over one aspect of my life. This was a white canvas and I could paint it the way I liked. Though this wasn’t mandatory, I wanted the name to somehow link with our names (Esha and Bidisha). I tried to create so many combinations, but it eventually felt like force-fitting something which takes away from the freedom of writing. Next, I looked up words that start with the word “Esha” (hence Esha-Ra) and words that end with the word “Esha” and made a nice list of close enough words. I would recommend you try to link your blog to yourself, as long as it largely fits. It will add to your motivation to write since it will be your name (literally) on the line.

Question to ask: Does it have some personalization so people can link it back to me?

3. Brand: I thought of brands whose names I remember – Netflix, Youtube, Google, Gmail, Nike, Jabong, Flipkart. If you try to pronounce any of these, you will feel they have a ring to them. Not the easiest thing to spot, but all of them sound like two broken words. I found this with most well-known brands, so I knew I wanted to have that element included as well (hence Esha-Ra). Also, I didn’t want a long name that may be prone to spelling errors

Question to ask: What are the brands I remember and what do they have in common?

If the above points feel like a lot of work went into this, I want to let you know that finding the right name was about 3 days of active thinking (excluding the 2 days of just fretting and googling, which did not help at all). This is no herculean task and all you need to do is think hard.

Let us know if you found this helpful in the comments and other topics you want us to cover in the upcoming episodes.

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