How to start a blog?

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

We have been wanting to start a blog for about 5 years now, yet it took that long to hit the ground running. There have always been roadblocks both mental and practical, just like with all other things we attempt. However, until recently, we hadn’t had a chance to piece the puzzle together. What had stopped us? How did we maneuver through the hurdles? What eventually fired us to start this blog? What tips and tricks helped? What didn’t?

We don’t claim to have conquered it, but we want to take you along this journey with us so that for someone somewhere, creating a blog becomes slightly easier.

The other reason why we want to do this, is that we did not find basic blogging 101 that we liked. Everyone talks about becoming great at SEO and Google Search Console and all the technical things out there. It is really intimidating and kills your enthusiasm to blog. We have started as complete dabblers and we will see where this journey takes us.

We will be creating a series of weekly episodes about how we are shaping this blog. Please bear in mind, that we are beginners, so our learning curve is gentle and some of you may already know the things we are going to talk about. But here’s hoping there are folks who feel much better on their journey to start a blog. Do subscribe to get your weekly updates.

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