It is indeed a very 'Good' Morning

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

What a refreshing Sunday morning with Film Companion’s Sunday Showcase. This week’s ‘Good morning Mumbai’ has won our hearts. I have been to a Mumbai local once in my life, and the movie took me back there with the opening sequence. It captures the essence (and sense) of the local trains.

It doesn’t take too long to fall in love with the animation. The way the Mumbai buildings have been created – lopsided but functional, the roads that have a cement mixer, even the squirrels arguing on top of houses is all so known in our world. We really enjoyed the sequences when the camera zooms out from the movie characters to show what another world at the same time could look like. We don’t understand Marathi, but then we don’t need to – this could be any city in India. Pandu’s sanitation misery is real and there aren’t enough toilets around. There is satire on builders not caring enough about building toilets and though it is a fleeting reference, it works.

When we are taken back to the Mumbai local, my heart really wanted to know what happened to Pandu and I was secretly hoping we see him on the train to close the loop. But his last appearance is a sorry reality which is very effective. It binds the story of the local and toilets together.

Very intelligently crafted work that is innovative, unique and strikes an emotional chord. Congratulations to the team!

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