It's one of the days, when you are really feeling like crap and you are dead bored. With me it happens in two situations – First, when I have so much to do that I am bored of planning and doing it in my head over and over – but not actually moving the needle. In other words, just procrastinating and hoping that work will do itself. Second, when I have nothing to do because I don’t want to do what I am supposed to do – for example, spend time learning something new, because it will ultimately be needed at my job. So being bored is a state of mind that I have practiced too long for it to change – or so I thought!

I recently chatted with someone super intelligent and through our conversation, we came up with nuggets to think about when you are bored. I found these to be super powerful tools to improve my quality of thoughts:

  • Understand that you are truly special and unique in your own way: I mean it’s only you who can make your child feel loved and special. It’s only you who will keep asking questions in the middle of a discussion. It’s only you who can trip over that fourth step on your stairs. Just pat your back, for all you have accomplished and achieved after all these years at work or at home. Just understanding what you are good at, can change the game in a big way. It makes you positive and that manifests each time you do that activity. For example – spending time with ourselves, we understood that we are really entertaining (ah! So modest), but seriously this one is an instant mood-changer, just appreciate yourself.

What you do daily, is not easy. Being you is work not everyone can do.
  • Stay Realistic: India is a competitive country and right from our childhood, we have been trained to perform well at tests (which means score 100/100 to Indian parents). As, children it was good for our parents’ ego and now it's good for ours. Even, Sachin Tendulkar can't hit a six at every ball thrown at him. It is human to make mistakes. We are all going through our own shit and it affects our performance and drive to achieve our goal. You can fail and it's OK to fail.

Pick up something new and fail at it. Feel happy that you learnt something
  • Know that grass is not greener on the other side, may be bit shinier for a while (because of the angle of the sun or something): Most of us, do not want to be where we are right now. We feel we will be happier/less bored if we change our job or our home. Our mind tricks us to believe that change will bring happiness and excitement. You must trick your mind back into believing that the new situation (if the decision for change is based on boredom alone) will also become boring over time – your mind will segregate the most boring tasks and hate on them. List down things you would not have an opportunity to do if you change your life, to understand if they are compelling enough to make you stay.

So, why can't we be happy with what we have and keep enjoying life? Because no one or no one thing can give it to us. This realization is not easy to come by but is probably the most important thing I would tell my younger self.

The takeaway – spend time understanding your emotions. Really think about why you feel a certain way consistently. You will end up learning so much about yourself. We hope this post makes you feel grateful for having a child who stuffs your mouth with food, when you are trying to complete your unfinished assignment or your wife who keeps asking you to fix that microwave.

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Gyan from Wikipedia: In conventional usage, boredom is an emotional and occasionally psychological state experienced when an individual is left without anything in particular to do, is not interested in their surroundings, or feels that a day or period is dull or tedious

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