4MSP! Ep 2: Love is 4-Letter word. So are ‘Good’ and ‘Cool’!

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

‘Cool’ is how we would describe this episode because we are obsessing over Siddhi’s uber cool rant in the bar. This episode has some of the best lines of both the seasons put together from many characters. Who thought the reply to “Your claws are out” could be “yeah, cause unlike you, I just got a manicure.” Give this person an award! She gives this ‘women are so awesome speech’, but you don’t think it is preachy, because it is our old Siddhi. That’s what it is about Maanvi Gagroo, the moment she comes on the screen – you just understand her.

Nice to see that the writer’s block is real and so is the guilt of not writing. So, when Damini says, ‘Stop judging me, you inanimate piece of shit’ to her laptop, we have a déjà vu. We have said almost those exact words to our laptop.

We also love the comeback Varun, Anjali’s ex-husband, had when she asks why he is being mean to her. He says, “Just meeting expectations”. That can be a comeback to so many things people tell you, even positively. For example – “Hey – you look great today!” Comeback – “Yeah, just meeting expectations.” It is going to be in our list of most used phrases.

We even love what Radha, Anjali’s home help, says when Varun asks her how she is. She says (translated to English), “I was fine till now, but now that you are here, I do smell some rotten fish.”

All in all, the episode is great, and you will want to hit that next episode button. Go watch now!

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Trivia: This show is made by two sisters, just like this blog! May be that’s another reason why we love it!

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