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4MSP! Ep 1: Together for now, forever we'll see

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Four more shots please!
Episode 1 Review

When I was planning to watch the second season of ‘4 more shots please!’, I wondered why this series works for me or other people. The key reason I landed on was that it is an aspirational show for most of us. Many of us end up falling in love with one or many aspects about these ladies. The way these girls look, the situations they land in, the people they meet and the bond they share. Practically, I would want Umang’s perfect eyeliner, Damini’s creative job (yes, the mood boards and the sticky notes) and a cool friend like Jeh who can make a drink for you anytime you are low. Though they all have their troubles, I have been able to find their silver lining that I would like to have.

For season 2, I plan to do an episodic review. I was glad that the season starts with a recap and we are instantly reminded of the key characters and happy memories. The drunk Siddhi feels a lot more frustrated than she did in the first season (we love Maanvi Gagroo anyways) but is still believable. Honestly, I did not remember the fight that the ladies had had in season 1 and if it was such a big deal. However, I let that one pass blaming it on my bad memory. I liked the point that even with their differences, they can bond over farts on the flight – it solidifies the belief that if you go through hard times together, your bond grows stronger.

At one point the girls ask the driver to take a right but some of them point left. This was super relatable - happens with many of us so many times!

As the girls’ bond over exotic locations such as the Galata Tower, I give in to the world they create with their kind of problems. A couple of things though remain slightly unrealistic, for example the pact conversation about ‘together forever’ and the ‘I’m Sorry’ after the pact conversation. It would be slightly unnatural to keep on raising the topic of the fight when it is actually over in everyone’s head.

All in all, a good first episode, which still makes me want to see the second one.

Episode 2 review here

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