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In India, it is very common for parents to name their kids in a way that they rhyme. It may be because they believe if their kids grow up and meet some phonetically challenged person, he/she should not be able to pronounce both their names – you know so one of them doesn’t feel bad. So there – you know two things about us, we are from India and our names rhyme. Bidisha and Esha were born to phenomenal doctor parents in Jaipur, taken care of and loved immensely by their Grandmother (Nani), and grew up to be in Faridabad and Gurgaon respectively. Our family has always been the most entertaining when bench-marked against the crowd and entertainment has been a key feature of our growing up days.


We have done quite a few weird things in the name of entertainment – we would get up at 7 AM to watch Miss Universe. We have attempted to play Shahrukh khan and Kajol from Dilwale Dulhania Le Jaayenge with our cousins during our summer break – we used watercolors to apply eye shadow! We have imagined that we have been tasked with saving the planet by becoming Captain Planet’s gifted planeteers – we have created legit posters saying save trees (using paper!) and distributed them in our society thinking this will save us all!


So hopefully that gives you a bit of context on who we are. Give us a shout-out if you want to join our tribe and match our vibe! See what I did there, started and ended with a rhyme 😉

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